3 d printing technology leap, 'plastic pet dog toys' still bad?

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
3 d printing technology leap, 'plastic toy' still bad? 3 d technology from laboratory products to mass production, has now been successfully to the market. There are 3 d printers, positioning in the high-end design enthusiasts as well as positioning carried out 3 d printing pen.

but the 3 d technology along with the advancement of marketization also controversial, especially now phase of 3 d printing materials still can not escape the category '', while the news is often reported in corn powder, silica gel or a new material of resin, and so on. But plastics because of its low price, good shape, and so on edge is still the mainstream of the market.

so much that 3 d printing is still a '', from this perspective, there is a reason. 3 d pen in the above is for much more than the 3 d printing, 3 d pen on positioning more contain children's toys, many manufacturers directly staring at the children's market development.

relative to fine modeling of 3 d printing, 3 d pen is more along with the gender to painting class creation, more creative and artistic illuminating, many parents will also as a 3 d pen inspire children intelligence toys and teaching AIDS to buy back.

but the problem is now on the market is generally 3 d pen is hot melt principle, heating of the plastic material by written, to plastic, plastic temperature down after solidification is a 3 d works. Heat to melt the plastic 3 d written tend to be high, there is the danger of burns. Melt at high temperatures may cause excitant odour, have damage to children's body and environment.

in view of the problems such as manufacturers have also used a number of ways to solve, some manufacturers developed outside of ABS PLA as materials, and manufacturers have developed with corn as the raw material of 3 d pen, but from the feedback on the ability of the material remains to be verified.

in the near future on taobao, the raise, one called 'rev run line' 3 d on the raise, it developed 'light curing technology' as a breakthrough of the above two problems solution. Consumables used photosensitive materials, consumables in liquid form is stored in the lead, in common with special color 465 nm visible light, consumables rapid solidification after irradiation. 3 d body the highest temperature is 20 °, using photosensitive materials, non-toxic harmless, greatly reduce the risk of the 3 d pen, to enhance the security.

3 d pen and 3 d printing blowout trend appeared in recent years, in addition to the above new technology, there is a growing number of iterations, and new materials are used in 3 d printing, the price is becoming more and more people. From the initial to thousands of pieces have now have a 3 d printing 'cloud', need only a few blocks can cloud using high-precision 3 d printer to print a model, is another kind of sharing.

believe that in the near future there will be more mature 3 d products available, 3 d technology would quietly walked into every one of us family.
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