A Loving Dog

by:Zhierde     2020-08-16
The best dog we got the pleasure to have owned was a blonde, female, Half Terrier/Half Lab named Blondie.
In 1977 we got her free from companion of ours. He had two pups left from a litter of eight might not sell.
Previous to her, there was a white German Sheppard named Brutus. He was way too rough when playing with the younger children. They were 4 and the couple of years old. The kids would make a run for the playhouse ladder, but this hadn't matter how far away Brutus was, he would run them down. Although his intent was just to be playful, at 6 months old, he stood almost five feet tall on his hind legs, and was a very strong, playful pup.
Our children were terrified of Brutus, so I found a home for him in the country by using a friend from work, as a result the reason for our search for a new dog.
When we found Blondie, the kids fell in love with her. She was the perfect suck-up. When she wagged her tail, her whole body wagged with it in opposing plans.
'Kisses' were passed out freely to the kids, and she was on her way home along with us ten minutes in a while.
Since we a new previous dog, there were a dog bed, dog toys which has a leash. I allowed the collar go with Brutus due to the large size, and our plans will not include a large dog. So we'd to stop in a very local department store for a new collar. Our daughter got to distinguish the new dog collar, and anything so with pleasure.
Blondie settled instantly fast. She knew she had to get information outside to answer nature's call, and was not shy about letting us know it. She'd run into the area where we were, look us in the eye, and wined as she squirmed and wiggled toward the door.
Blondie soon learned that bed privileges never extend to our bed. Being rapid study that she was, we would not have to run her off belonging to the bed more than twice. She settled in to sleeping in her own bed with the occasional sleep over within daughter's room. Our daughter would sneak Blondie up onto her bed once we tucked her in from time to time. She chose to not know. Since Blondie was this type of good dog, we cut her some slack.
As the years passed, she became a regular member within the family. Blondie lived to be 17 years old. It is far more take good proper your dog, and return the love he/she gives you, odds are the one you love dog will live a long happy life. Blondie lived longer than average, and we attributed it to the close relationship our daughter had with Blondie.
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