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Baby dog toy to the baby's growth how important! | | plastic industry news

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
In the process of young children know the world around us, the pet dog toy plays a great role. Pet dog toy with bright colors, beautiful, strange shape, clever, sweet sound to attract the child's curiosity and attention. Pet dog toy is a specific actual objects, approximate physical image, can satisfy children corretly, manipulation, tinkering with the desire of the object. Diversity of pet dog toys, play and changeful, can cause children's interest.

psychologists tell us that the formation of children intelligence activities must first have a physical activity, the outer body can accelerate the development of internal mental activity.

the child's actions in & other Play & throughout; In the process, while playing again and have a pet dog toys. In the play, children learned to observe, think and operation, at the same time, his feeling, movement, mood, emotion, language, intelligence is developed.

expensive pet dog toy is not suitable for children, for children's pet dog toys are not expensive. So, when buy pet dog toys for children, parents first need to understand the quality and performance of pet dog toys, choose suitable for baby age pet dog toys.

the significance of baby dog toys

stimulate curiosity

the use of light, sound, electricity, solar energy, laser, steam, water, air pressure as the power of the dog toys, such as video games, electronic pets, laser gun, acoustic doll, etc. This kind of pet dog toys can cultivate children's interest in science, inspire his curiosity. Training performance ability

the dog toys based on fairy tales, science fiction movies, with the help of a pet dog toys can retell the story, to develop the children's language expression and performance ability, like a puppet, the Monkey King mask, etc.

to develop their interpersonal

can enrich children's knowledge, arouse their vivid memories, motivate them to imitate the surrounding things and adult activities, such as dolls, animal pet dog toys, medical equipment, kitchen utensils, all kinds of cars, planes, etc. With these pet dog toys, children can carry out a variety of games, learn life skills, understand the relationship of the people, to cultivate good character and sentiments.

sparking interest in music

has a beautiful moving stereo, funny image and actions, can satisfy the child's interest in voice melody and rhythm, such as small electronic organ, piano, xylophone, etc.

develop curiosity

modelling is interesting, funny, this kind of dog toys make children feel surprised and happy, such as bear photos, chicken rice, flower deformation of pet dog toys, pet toys, etc.

the development of physical

with pet dog toys, shooting pet dog toys, slides, swings, etc. , help develop children's physical strength and improve health.

add parent-child interaction

blocks, assembling pet dog toys usually need parents and babies finish together, can well cultivate the parent-child relationship, increase happiness!

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