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Baby love bites dog toys, plastic pet dog toy can bite?

by:Zhierde     2020-12-07
Because the baby toys often exposed to the outside, so it is easy to various bacterial infections. Especially babies like pet toys, plush toys, but also the 'best place' of various bacterial growth. We all know that babies love bite toys, pet toys can bite? In order to prevent toxic pet toys, therefore, in the process of parenting, must often clean the babies toy oh.

1, plastic toys to disinfect

plastic toys available water disinfection washing powder, soap, bleach dilution after soaking, rinse off with clear water, dry or dry with a clean cloth.

2, plush toys can insolate

parenting experts tell us, cloth, plush toy can be placed directly in the sunlight insolate disinfection. Because, these two kinds of material of toys, water wash is very inconvenient.

3, wooden toys with soap and water to wash the

for wet resistance, heat resistance, wooden toys, do not fade, usable soap bubble after washing to dry. At the same time, the surface of wooden toys general bacteria is more, so, must often clean.
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