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Bath crock plastic pet dog toys hidden unknown dirt

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Research shows that bubble is in bath crock of any pet toys or plastic materials for the growth of bacteria and fungi provides ideal conditions. These soft toy breeds on the inner surface of a large number of bacteria and fungi, when they were children extrusion, the inside of the dirty liquid jet are always out of it.

according to local media reports, the researchers used the bath crock that people used toys and new toys through the contrast test. In 11 weeks, they will have some new toys in clean water and others in contain substances such as soap and body fluids in the dirty water.

the researchers found that in all trials toys, 80% May breed of pathogenic bacteria, including legionella and pseudomonas aeruginosa, these are the main culprit of a serious infection.

research pointed out that these toys are usually made from inferior polymer, and the warm water after entering the toy, the polymer would release the organic carbon compounds, as the growth of the bacterial colonies nutrients.

in addition, in the process of bath, the body produces other key nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, and urine and sweat and other body fluids, external pollutant and personal care products, etc. , can lead to bacterial and fungal breeding in toys, and children often like to put the toys in the water into his face, this may lead to the eyes, ears and even gastrointestinal infection.

the researchers call for the polymer materials used in the production of bath toys to strengthen supervision, in order to avoid the bath of risk of the disease.
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