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Beware of dog and dog toy market is also made

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
( Reading] Commodity market stylish false profit, now think that dog and that recently there have been fraudulent hot dog toy industry. According to the Beijing reporter, a pet dog and the dog toy market in Beijing, in the sell cats are almost identical, qing

what profit, the commodity market stylish fake think that pet dogs and dog toy industry recently have appeared in the heat. According to the Beijing reporter, a pet dog and the dog toy market in Beijing, in the sell cats are like two peas in a pod, almost uniformly white and black color, little brown ears, big black eyes, at first glance like panda, is very lovely. In fact, these seemingly lovely little guys are some unscrupulous vendors to make money, not hesitate tried all ways elaborate results. Appearance can love cat, so people see people love, when people are naturally a lot.

dogs and dog toys, not only is the cats and dogs, even the fish and birds can be false. Common false ways mainly have the following several kinds:

1 / dye colour, a golden tint to white longhaired cats, cheat said the cat; A key color tint to ordinary White House cat, Face, tail, limbs, darker ears), Lie to say is the Siamese cats; Ordinary white male cat with black and yellow patches, three color male cat lie to say is a rare, valuable; For some birds after dyeing cheat said is a rare breed.

2 / fire burned, the ordinary puppy body hair shaved off, branded again cheat said were spotted dog; If it is branded like zebra pattern, is cheat said Dan; And flipping into uniform plum flower cheat said is deer.

3 / shaving, the Siamese cat hair shaven, claiming is Canada glabrous cats; Will generally long-haired dog, shaved hair, only a few root to pretend to be crested head; The dog back feather shaved off entirely, cheat said is a cocker spaniels.

4 / hello pigment, to some of the fish and bird feeding pigment feed, such as for ornamental fish in the red arowana, the blood parrot, colorful fairy forage red pigment, give some ornamental birds forage pigment for a long time, customers have the colorful fish or birds home has faded after a period of time.

fraud not only deceive the consumers, but also harm the pet dog and the dog toys, endanger the health of pet dogs and dog toys and even causes the death of pet dogs and toys. Therefore must resolutely oppose and reject. Actually fraud pet dogs and dog toys have a lot of flaw, you as long as careful observation is not hard to find. If the experience of lack of pet dogs and dog toy recognition, in under the condition of authenticity, it is best not to easily believe that vendors, can to some formal and prestige good pet dog and dog toy store to buy a pet dog and the dog toys, or please knowledgeable experts accompanied with the choose and buy, prevent cheated.
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