Bully Sticks Are A Healthy Treat For Dogs

by:Zhierde     2020-08-12
Bully sticks are popular than ever today and will definitely fly of shelves in the pet store. They are treats for dogs will be all natural beef foods. Just like other dog chew products, offering these to your pets can help to clean off their teeth and gum line. Giving your dog something to chew is important because chewing helps to remove tarter build up and plaque on their teeth. Gums and teeth that are unhealthy may lead to other problems including bad breath.
The reason bully sticks are becoming so popular is because dog really seem to like them, and they can serve you for a long time. Dogs end up being kept busy for hours chewing on these. Also, while they are chewing on these products, they'll not be chewing with regards to your furniture! Many different brands now sell these great treats. One of probably the most popular and reputable companies is red barn bully sticks. It is a good idea to buy dog treats from someone who sells products made from free ranging cattle. Organic units are also good. You do not want the cattle to have been feed food with pesticides or antibiotics.
When you buy bulk bully sticks, a discount is received on cost of per unit. When puppy has a large appetite or is a big chewer, this can really save you some money. Bully sticks are often sold smoked. This is a flavor that dogs love. A size close to six inches long is useful for smaller dogs. If you have a large dog, you may want attempt the eight to ten inch size. Braided bully sticks are another option that many people comparable to. Just as the name implies, the particular two pieces woven together into one stick. When purchased this way, may well last longer under heavy chewing. The braided ones are a little much more expensive though.
Often, different brands of chew treats will smell more than other your. Dogs do not care and could like them better, an individual might not like smelly ones as much. Odor free bully sticks end up being found from some companies. By cooking the sticks to get longer time, more moisture is driven out for this product. With less moisture in the product, it tends not to smell as much. Your pets also get a good source of protein by eating these treats. Protein important to muscle growth and nutrition. There are many different kinds of chew treats and toys out there. Bully sticks are increasing in demand due to being a healthier and delicious treat for dogs.
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