Children of different ages need what kind of dog toys

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
In fact, whether it's baby or children, toy gift has been detonated their excitement. Children of different ages, however, need what toys do you know? Appropriate toys can satisfy their curiosity, bring happiness, also can be in imperceptible in cultivating various aspects ability. So how to choose? Provide the strategy can help you!

1, 0 ~ 18 months: a bell toys

just born babies develop very quickly, 20 days will be able to distinguish between colors, sounds. Again a little bit big, will touch everywhere, grasp a, shake, or even a bite bite. At that time, they like playing some hand bell, bell, through the auditory, visual and tactile stimulation, establish the perception of the outside world.

2, 6 months or more: doll toys

doll toys without cool features, but it specifically to withstand this period active affection hug babies ( Kicking) 。 Soft baby doll can also help people relax, and feel comfortable and at ease, to bear more open oh baby is sleeping.

3, 2 years of age or older: lego toys

when the child has reached the age of 2, mental development rapidly. At this point, the building blocks into their best 'playmate'. Not only provide a good learning environment for children, but also cultivate their hand-eye coordination, spatial imagination.

4, 3 years or above: sports toys

3 years old children have to walk freely in the future. Therefore, focusing on the mental development at the same time, exercise the child's athletic ability is also necessary. Scooter is the hot choice, to the child's sense of balance, the cultivation of the body coordination, etc.

5, 5 years and older: remote control toys

the age of the child can't despise the, because they have a certain ability of reading comprehension, can discern considerations, to the complexity of the toy also to have certain requirements.
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