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by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
As the Vietnamese income increase, the parents and grandparents in children spending increase gradually, to buy a pet dog toy is everywhere, and then import pet dog toy breed is various, for example: plastic pet dog toys, evade glue pet dog toys, wooden pet dog toys and so on. Chains and expensive education services to children and expanding quickly.

according to local media reports, in 2016, children's products traded surged to $7 billion. The children's market boom, is reflected in & other; angel” The coefficient. “ angel” Coefficient refers to the cost of raising a child, Including buy fancy pet dog toy and extracurricular activities) In the overall proportion of household spending.

, behind this trend is the Vietnam national economic development. Bonus amount increase, the family means more families to choose three or more children, also means that the country's & other; 2 children & throughout; Policy ( Launched in 1988, in order to control population growth) Progressive failure.

Hanoi a Bibo Mart chain, not only selling baby products, organizations also have free parenting communication area. The retail sales up 30% this year, new mothers like weekend gathered here to discuss child-rearing methods and matters needing attention.

Pham Thi Hue is a 31-year-old mother, have a year and a half of twins, she said she always uncontrollably give children to buy clothes, pet toys and other baby products, because there are too many product categories, have lovely evade glue pet dog toy doll, also has a fancy electronic pet dog toy products, etc. , and the service is good.

Vietnamese children with other chains, such as Concung and Kids Plaza, over the past few years chain number increased to 133 and 71 respectively.

products sell like hot cakes, Such as baby stroller, milk powder and diapers) Most are imported. Another baby products retailer Soc & amp; Brothers, with Japanese snack maker Ezaki Glico and other companies, in January - During July, baby stroller sales increased by 30% 50%.

o Japan PuLiJia Aprica and combo Combi these two brand baby stroller is very popular and the best-selling style shield shield for 5 million to 8 million, and the pet dog toy import quantity is rising gradually, the children's market development.

next up: in addition to evade glue pet dog toy doll, have you ever seen a so lovely needle felt dolls?
a: did you know that dog toy industry new gameplay?

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