Children's pet dog toys too much will damage the intelligence?

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
American children education scholars, the report said the toy too much easy to affect the child intelligence development. They think that 'too many toys for the children will hurt their cognitive ability, because they will appear in front of the toy nowhere, inability to concentrate toys and learn knowledge from it. '

' in front of a lot of toys, if I don't know what to choose. Clever mother should manage toy. A Chinese kindergarten teacher said, 'so many toys for children is overstimulated.

home has 5 years old baby's mother in hangzhou has its own set of finishing methods: toys 'toys into the classification of the need not too careful, place the most commonly used, for every day in the most conspicuous position. 'In addition, put the toy in multiple locations of the home than concentrated put together well, part of the living room, one part of the bedroom, part of my grandparents' house. So more can improve the utilization of toys. 'Parents should temporarily collect part of take out over a period of time' cycle ', children will be able to keep things fresh. ”
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