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by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Traditional modelling and varieties of plastic pet dog toy is not only in today's market demand, the development and application of new environmental protection materials and the improvement of China's export testing means, most of the overseas market will come back. To make the production technology improve, otherwise will lose the market. Plastic enterprises industry reshuffle is a foregone conclusion, but in the long run, improve the added value of plastics products and competitiveness, China's pet dog toy enterprise is sure to go all the way.

has a pet dog toy enterprises in China in recent years by more than 8000 down to 6000, although today 75% of the world's plastic pet dog toys made in China, but China is still not a pet dog toy powers. From the perspective of the history of plastic pet dog toys, the western countries to Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong, has shifted to the pearl river delta and other regions in China. Most businesses today many export processing trade is given priority to, the products are exported to Europe, America, Japan and other countries and regions, which accounted for the biggest exports to the us, as high as 60% above.

analysis said that after the global economic downturn, China's plastic pet dog toy products is facing huge pressure, become the victim of the global financial crisis, & other; Failures & throughout; Often used to describe the edge of the fall of pet dog toy industry in China. Pet dog toy market this cake is very big, but not everyone can share, the domestic most relevant traders in a dilemma, was this & other; Can't see the head & throughout; The downturn in the lurch, slowly beginning to direct sales between upstream and downstream production enterprises, the situation for the ailing traders & other; Compounding & throughout; 。

crisis, plastic pet dog toy industry are also actively explore, the international crude oil continued to fall, with the decrease of raw materials, the plastic price in a third, occupy about 60% of the total cost - plastic cost 70%, which greatly reduced the production cost of plastic pet dog toys. Export enterprises more don't worry about raw materials rose more than expected contract a few years ago and give up the big order price risk. At present China's pet dog toys per capita consumption level is low, but along with the sustained economic growth and the income of urban and rural residents significantly improved, China's pet dog toy market will gradually show amazing potential.

as the European Union, the United States, Japan and Russia for pet dog toy safety awareness is increasing day by day, and constantly modify and improve the testing standard and method. Highlight quality is not high and low technical content of plastics products. Current industry under pressure and difficult, the challenge for the industry development is high, but as living standards increase year by year, for environmental requirements of the plastic products has also improved, green low carbon should become the industry consensus, export manufacturers must take the initiative to go ahead, do not reach the requirements of the plastic products will be subject to a great deal of export restrictions, this will affect the enterprise's export market share.

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