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by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Recently, the China light industry federation officially awarded to yangzhou & other; Throughout China plush dog toys &gifts city &; The title. It is known that will be held on April 28, & other; Throughout China plush dog toys &gifts city &; The opening ceremony.

there is only one of dozens of workers in the 1950 s foreign trade processing factory & ndash; — — Yangzhou dog toy factory, after decades of development, yangzhou dog toy industry has been attracting more than 100000 people employed, creating 5. 5 billion yuan output value, yangzhou plush pet toys more accounts for one-third of global sales, yangzhou has become a global & other; The hometown of plush pet toys & throughout; 。

last year, the filed of yangzhou & other Throughout China plush dog toys &gifts city &; Title, and put forward the plush dog toy industry development strategic ideas and vision: to build the country's largest plush dog toy production base, the country's biggest plush dog toy market base, the biggest plush pet toys information base, plush dog toy industry 2010 annual output value reaching 8 billion yuan, in March this year, China light industry association, report to the approval of yangzhou.

get & other; Throughout China plush dog toys &gifts city &; Title, yangzhou pet dog toys to enhance the value, yangzhou pet dog toys will also get more external voice.

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