Clean your baby's pet dog toys, I have a coup, do you have?

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
After the baby was born, mom and dad will pile up many toys in the baby's nursery. But the baby played after, clean toys is a headache thing, mother like some plush toys, pet toys and other type is very difficult to wash, even if clean, plush inside and is unfavorable to dry. How to clean your baby's toys?

according to a bacteriologist determination: the sterilized toys for your baby to play 10 days later, the bacterial colony count up to 3163 on the plastic toys, wooden toys reaches to 4934, and have as many as 21500 toys made of fur.

baby toys at ordinary times, like whatever on the ground floor, plug the mouth bite, etc. So, you must attach great importance to the health of toys, toys for cleaning and disinfection on a regular basis. As for disinfection, what method should according to different materials of toys, different means and methods.

clean method of all kinds of toys

plush toys

1. Small plush toys to use adhesive tape to stick afraid of wear parts parts, directly into the washing machine is soft to wash, dry, hang to dry in the shade, and intermittent pat toy, make its fur, fillers, fluffy and soft.

2. Big plush toys can be found filled seam, cut suture, remove the filler ( Acrylic cotton) Special part, can not get ( In order to better maintain appearance) , use tape to stick afraid of wear parts parts, then put the toy skin soft washing in the washing machine.

3. Dry clean wool/soft toys, with a clean comb or similar tools along the direction of the fur neatly combed, make its surface smooth, beautiful.

TIPS: some plush toys such as belt/music box can voice can only do the surface cleaning, can not enter the water, and can't fit into a inside the washing machine to clean.

electronic toys

1. Regularly use alcohol cotton ball wiping the baby often touch the part of the cloth dipped in alcohol or with 1:99 diluted bleach the proportion of water to wipe the plastic shell.

2. Gap with cotton buds or toothbrush to clean, water with a clean cloth to wipe it again.

TIPS: equipped with battery toys, dolls, toys, electronic organ such as moving, music bell, etc. , can't bubble water to clean. If you have the outer fabric, such as clothing, can disassemble down first.

pet toys

there will be no battery pet toys into the water, dilute bleaching water, soak for about 30 minutes.
the smudgy parts with toothbrush scrub, reoccupy clear water is rinsed clean, finally with a clean cloth wipe up the toys, toy box store in clean.

TIPS: if you don't like the smell of disinfectant, can be washed a few times more.

wooden toys

1. Wooden toys, resistant to moisture, heat, do not fade, use container by
200 ml water, heat the soap and cut into small pieces after fully melt into the water, put the wooden toys in hot soapy water wash, and then rinse off with clear water, then dry.

TIPS: wooden toys must be dry after washing, if the sun, it is easy to mold deformation.

2. If it is fade toys, directly under the sun exposure. Can also be wiped with baby oil, lanolin, or with dilute alcohol, alcohol cotton to wipe, with dry cloth to wipe it again finally.

TIPS: the wooden toys easy to damp raw material moth, so can't often washed. If long-term put wood turning yellow, as long as with sandpaper sharpening.

iron toy

to scrub with soap and water, dried in the sun after the water clean.

TIPS: it is best not to need to use mouth to blow toys or play with people, to prevent cross infection of infectious diseases.
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