Common dangerous dog toys have which a few kinds?

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Children's toys is a double-edged sword, it was the child's childhood playmates, but it may be due to child safety accident of the killer. As parents, we can't limit the children to play toys, but we can help children selective relatively safer toys to play. Don't because of toy safety and let your children have a childhood no toys gray, you can keep dangerous toys away from your children, also he a happy paradise toy safety. Pet toys manufacturer for everybody to do the detailed analysis, the following ten dangerous toys, away from your child.

a: 1 ejection toys

the ejection toys including all kinds of toy gun, water gun, there are commonly used in our country folk slingshot, bows and arrows, rubber band, home-made water gun, etc. , and darts toys.

a: 2 balloon toys

the balloon explosion spread around the balloon pieces, easy to cause harm to the child, once in children's respiratory tract, it is difficult to remove and dangerous. Especially the balloon, hydrogen is flammable gas, meet the fire will cause severe burns, if gas is not pure, great opportunities to explode.

a: 3 metal toys

the child's skin is more smooth thin, this kind of toy is very easy to cut the child's skin; There are some metal toys are painted glaze surface for decoration, but these high levels of lead glaze paint may lead is about personal harm of heavy metals.

4: with a rope toys

the rope is easy to tie up in the child's finger or neck, long light cause ischemic necrosis through your fingers, or can let the baby suffocate. Such as all kinds of pendant toys, yo-yo etc.

5: children's toy car

many toy car chain is not completely sealed, easy to stir to the child's hair, shoelaces; Toy car seat a lot without safety belt, easy to accident, belongs to the potential risk factors.

no. 6: miniature toys

including building blocks and other small adorn article, small toys such as buttons, COINS, hairpins, glass ball, etc. , are not reasonable curious baby into the mouth, ears, nostrils, lead to danger happening.

a: 7 mask toys

in the market some unqualified mask is made of poisonous and harmful plastic toys, children breathe will cause damage; In addition, some impenetrable mask toy itself, in the mouth and nose left no breathing, can lead to suffocation accidents.

no. 8: matte toys

larger particles on the surface of the toy is not smooth, more sharp local bruise or cut the child.

a: 9 music toy

damage a child's hearing a loud concert, affect a child's emotions; And the battery in the toy, especially the button batteries are easy to pick out children, in your mouth, dangerous, electronic battery risk is bigger.

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