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Different material of pet dog toys, what are the cleaning disinfection methods?

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Toy is with the baby being intimate partners, is the child grow the intimate partner. Survey: children under the age of 6, nearly half of the time, which is 1. About 50000 hours are spent with toys. But toys to play long, attach to a lot of bacteria, this very adverse to the health of the baby.

parents usually by washing machine, the sun and to the surface of the toy to wipe clean aseptic to toys, effect of the these methods is true? What toys made of different materials, cleaning disinfection methods?

plush toys

many babies like holding the plush toys play together, sleep together. Over time, plush toys is the most easy to shelter evil people and practices, a hotbed of bacteria growth, are at risk of infection to the children. For plush toys, there are two - a better cleaning method — Cleaning fluid and salt cleaning method.

cleaning fluid method: parents before cleaning, toys stitches apart from a little first, remove the filler, exposure in the sun; Then with cleaning fluid soak 10 - 15 minutes, then remove with clean water; Finally, put the toy in xiangyang hang to dry ventilated place. The ultraviolet ray in sunshine can have very good sterilization effect.

coarse salt cleaning: parents will first half bowl of large grain of salt and plush toys together into a big plastic bag, then mouth, shaking force decades, until the salt into a film; Finally took the toy, shake off coarse salt, sterilization in the sun shines. Salt particles can not only disinfection, positive and negative ions of sodium chloride in salt can also adsorption dirt, very suitable for can't washed plush toys.

wooden toys

many parents worry about plastic toy safety and quality, make the wooden toys more and more get the favour of parents and babies.

toy receive and cleaning should pay attention to two points: one is the bubble water easy to cause crack, 2 it is humid environment is easy to make the black mildew and bacterium.

the appropriate processing steps are:

1, dip in with a clean piece of cloth to take toy cleaner to wipe the surface of the toys;

2, with plenty of water rinse again;

3, the last water droplets on the surface of the dry with a clean cloth toys.

it is worth noting that the land is to separately on the dry air is basked in, lie between a flip, can contact with sunshine, let different sides fully dry.

pet toys

pet toys are the most common toys, each family has a lot of. The material of pet toys and baby bottles, for pet toys without battery, we can handle like this:

1, first rinse, remove dust;

2, infuse warm water in a clean baby bath and again with a clean brush dips in take toy cleaner scrub seriously;

3, after the final rinse with plenty of clean flowing water, or on a net clean breathable plastic basket dry naturally.

electric toy

because electric toys with electronic originals, will not be able to fill, so the cleaning before you remove the battery. Specific steps are as follows:

1, the first to use wet cloth to wipe clean again.

2, with a sterile gauze dipped in 75% alcohol solution, or 0. New clean out the solution, 0 1%. 2% crosses oxygen second acid wipe the surface of the toy,

3, with disinfection wet paper towels to clean it again, finally let stand a after the meeting to give children to play.

generally finish the above steps can effectively kill bacteria breeding, bacteria, fungi, viruses and other organisms.

ball toys

the baby sex movement, ball toy is a very good choice fitness toys. But ball toy mostly need to contact with the floor, the parents must not ignore the ball please wash. The cleaning method is simple:

1, into the warm water after joining toys in the bath tub cleaner;

2, put the ball in a laundry mesh bag rub clean, dry in a cool, ventilated place again.

it is important to note that to avoid direct exposure in the sun.
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