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by:Zhierde     2020-08-08
If this behavior isn't address, then you're raising an adorable and adorable puppy may grow up to be an adorable and adorable FULL GROWN DOG that bites.
A little disconcerting right? Here are a few methods of training you can use to train your puppy dog.
First be aware that nipping and mouthing is considered very normal for a puppy. The project their mouths to explore the world just as we use over. When a puppy nips or mouths it's not because subjected to testing being aggressive, it's usually out for a curious disposition and character. When you don't train your pet that forms of behavior is not acceptable, your going to be experiencing major problems in the long run when it comes to biting. Yeah, puppy nipping doesn't hurt that much but imagine your dog full grown and his nips turn into bites!
That's why it's essential to start training after being young. Start training your pet dog around 7-8 weeks old.I see so many new owners making the same mistakes over and over when it boils down to training their puppy. Just one of the biggest mistakes is when their dog CONTINUOUSLY nips or attempts to bite the owner's fact is a 'Ouch, No biting!' but hey don't realize how ineffective that's when it's quickly followed by laugh, a giggle or even playfully touch.
Dog's associate what's acceptable by their owner's emotion. With that said, when your dog nips or bites you, your first response in order to an 'ouch,no biting' combined with a quickly disengaging attention from a puppy. This means leaving the room, stopping all play or even turning your back on your puppy when a few minutes. This way your puppy can associate his biting to the fun of playing accomplished when he bites.
Keep in mind you won't see any dramatic results over night when seeking at training your dog. It will take consistency and a lot of patience and practice on your behalf. Follow these tips stop puppy biting:
-When your dog nips or bites you immediately yelp and tell him no
-If canine repeatedly nips or bites you,ignore him completely for a minute, walk out the room or turn away from him in order to have in the market to. If you ignore him too long, your pet dog will forget what why it's happening for your attitude towards him.
-The pressure of your puppy's bites will lessen over time, no matter how soft he nips or bites, always feign hurt. This way your dog understands that all of his bites are not acceptable.
-Remember to positive reinforcement, when your pup is licking you and is not using his mouth to nip or bite, reward him for this behavior with treats or words of praises.
Another important things you can educate your dog is basic obedience with cue instructions. Teach your dogs the 'off' command. When see your dog about to bite, certain that you use a command that your dog can associate with as 'STOP.'
These definitely few stuff you can caused by train your pup on how unacceptable biting or nipping is. Remember, your puppy may be adorable and cute but nipping or biting actually seen like a cute behavior. Help your dog learn exactly how appropriate to bite and chew, possess a record he has plenty of chew toys around to divert his attention by your hands to his toys.
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