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Do plastic pet dog growth dynamic | | plastic toy bear witness to shenzhen

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
As the pace of reform and opening up, in 1988, I entered the shenzhen this metropolis full of vigor and hope.

memories when I first stepped into the shenzhen, in a strange city without friends started my Duan Sheng words again and again and again. Shenzhen was just begun construction, then don't like now which attract people. I remember just to kengzi town, longgang district, kengzi, was then still a piece of land and barren hills, fewer than 10 factories, including four factory is a metal housing. Houses or roof, all shops are very few, we also often go to factory in the factory director and colleague's help to do farm work, pick the fruit.

I came into the first factory called luen hing plastic products co. , LTD is a hong kong-invested investment of plastic products factory specializing in the production of export pet dog toys. At that time the factory to work long hours, 15 hours a day, 9 hours during the day, six hours overtime. 5 cents per hour during the day, work overtime 7 cents per hour, meals meal ticket 3 cents each. At the end of the month and settlement salary to 100 multivariate money. But each worker is to work hard, also very happy. All confidence in this dynamic city, one hundred times.

plastic products didn't present demand is high, also does not require any environmental protection material. Plentiful in the factory, the workers also very attentively complete each piece of work, the company a total of more than 300 employees, no Sundays and holidays, do 30 days a month, maybe now would say do workers and people into the factory? But where every factory about the same, may be the cause of the system is not perfect, so the workers which now no good welfare and treatment.

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