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by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Plastic pet dog toy retailers, all kinds of pet dog toy manufacturers should beware, in the United States, a pet dog toy company that have already been born. The start-up called Pley, Pley announced in March this year they will begin to run 3 d printers rental services, transmission and remote online pet dog toy design documents to their clients.

in the movement of a guest, witnessed a variety of 3 d printing forward step by step, after Pley the company came up with a unique startup ideas come into the pet dog toy market. They believe that with the development of 3 d printing, parents may no longer need to walk into the pet dog toy shop to buy a pet dog toys, but direct hire a 3 d printer at home, and then download the 3 d dog toys design, direct comfortably print pet dog toys for the children at home.

Pley CEO Ranan Lachmans prideful, Pley is creating the future, after the founding in 2013, the company always walk in the forefront of innovation. Their goal is to stimulate and develop the potential of children creative thinking, and more importantly, let the children they have the ability to design and manufacture. And he said, & other; Children are often more creative than adults, so why do parents directly buy pet dog toys for the children? It is interesting to evade glue pet dog toys? Or the traditional plastic pet dog toys? In the end, it is better to let the children their own design. ”

the Pley service, the children will be able to look at yourself like a pet dog toys are printed, and then directly to play. Pley plans to remote online push over 1000 pet dog toys design, also to develop a software can let the customer design pet dog toys. They provide rental 3 d printer is different from the existing models on the market, will be more simple, easy to operation is suitable for children. And if parents and children like this machine, of course, they also can be directly buy a printer. Pley rent printer's idea, is in a more direct way, promote the general 3 d printing in the industry's dream, sent to the printer and print design documents.

Pley this business model makes the design and manufacture of pet dog toys become more democratic, by the customer to decide to want what, what to get. Pet dog toy industry before the design and manufacture are based on a guess, based on the theory of Marketing Department.

even more interesting, because the buyer is actually adults, pet dog toy design never actually is give priority to in order to attract the adults, not the actual user of the children of pet dog toys. To rent out a 3 d printer, and pet dog toys online transmission print file, will be able to provide for the children the best, most education significance of pet toys.

another novel ideas is that the company has developed a crowdsourcing platform. The crowdsourcing platform called PleyWorld, content only pet dog toys design, platform allows children to vote for their favorite pet dog toys design, won the highest vote dog toy design will be pushed back to the children's printer in return. So far, there have been 13 dog toy design was elected the platform, and then pushed to rent the children of the machine.

and, more importantly, the platform also allows children to upload their own design, if popular design for more than 5000 votes, this design can be pushed to all children. Such a system, making those who love the kids see their own design popular, and getting millions a entity. Such rewards, can give children many positive encouragement.

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