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Do you know how evade glue pet dog toy is produced

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Do you know how evade glue pet dog toy is produced?

evade glue pet dog toy mainly PVC as raw materials to produce pet dog toys. With PVC powdered oil, and pour into with mixed into the liquid inside machine, through vacuum machine out bubble then injected into the prepared copper, add evade glue by high temperature in the furnace to make PVC liquid in the model form a fixed model on the mold, by soak in cold water again so the whole process of the mold is the formation of evade glue pet dog toys.

a evade glue pet dog toy production process is very complex. Generally go through a lot of working procedure, to 1 sculpture mud sample; 2 copy waxy; 3 do die; 4 do production mode; 5 batch of front; 6 color; 7 assembly; The inspection; 9 container shipment, so the process of evade glue is very complex.

plastic image from development to finished product, each process is inseparable from our carefully designed and manufactured. From evade glue production 30 years, we have a perfect management system and the development prospects of the good faith management.

a: Alfred little pet dog toy dog container shipment on the rod
a: the dancing lobster is plastic pet dog toys

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