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Do you know how flocking dog toy is produced?

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Do you know how flocking dog toy is produced?

people sometimes think very simple things. Take a small pet dog toys flocking, for instance, may be some people will say it is easy? But to make a very qualified flocking dog toy requires a lot of cumbersome process.

first, oil furnace lining in front, hands, feet, each part by 淸 water clean by oven back again after cooling, reoccupy sticks to order feng needle, needle with an iron hand one by one to wear on the iron needles, with a big gun spraying a layer of glue, then in electrostatic box with the feet trample the switch of flocking machine let down directly touch on the rubber pieces, add the barn to dry inside, the temperature must be appropriate, fluff will burn temperature is too high, too low will drop hair. Put in their a part according to this method a good nap after graft injection color. The more color process more and more of a problem.

after spray paint and then head, body, hands and feet together, be very careful in the process of assembly, if a big heart too big fluffy down is not beautiful. Also wash replantation fluff. Plant good nap cargo PVC bag to ensure clean again. If the dirty clean up will be very hard, so if you want to do a flocking dog toy doll doll to dozens of working procedures.

plastic flocking in 15 years, and each procedure, we would be very careful, very attentively, customer trust and satisfaction is our greatest power.

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