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by:Zhierde     2020-09-03

WHOLE DEER ANTLERS - RidgeRunner'sdeer antlers are an ideal chew for really heavy responsibility chewers that are pros at destroying something they get their hands on. Deer antlers have a denser outer core that makes these chews rather more of a challenge.

Keep studying to seek out out if antlers are protected on your dog to chew. May or could not assist with tooth cleansing but are also known as a “consolation” toy to be carried and slept with. Always keep away from toys with connected exhausting objects similar to plastic eyes, clothes articles, a nose, etc. that might break enamel.

RidgeRunner deer antlers come from naturally shed wild Colorado mule deer. We prefer mule deer antler over the extra commonly found whitetail deer antlers since they are not as onerous in your pups tooth. Additionally, the vast majority of whitetail deer antler comes from farm raised deer rather than wild free ranging animals. Again right here we can give you a chunk from the base of the antler which shall be very onerous and dense or a chunk from the higher antler that could be a little bit softer.

Below is a breakdown of the three forms of antlers we carry and a basic information to selecting the best antler chew in your pup. In addition to choosing the proper antler type please ensure you additionally dimension the antler accurately to your pets weight and chewing habits. You might have heard people let you know that bread is sweet for canines with upset stomachs.

All toys ought to have some flexibility such because the soft Nylabone (do not use the inflexible Nylabone), applicable dimension Kongs, latex and twine toys, and latex balls. For small dogs, you'll be able to reduce thinner strips from the rawhide “chips” which really appears to increase their enjoyment of the chew. Due to some problems with imports, we recommend that you simply “play it secure” and solely use rawhide from cows originating in the USA. My 7 year old boxador nonetheless chews extra occasionally but still pretty aggressively. Concerned about her teeth although getting good care for last 2 years since adopted.

Some typical dog “treats” can really pose main health dangers in your pet. Rawhide bones aren’t simply digestible and can cause deadly blockages in the digestive system.

Antlers also include many naturally occurring vitamins such as zinc, phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Because they are rich in protein, canine shouldn't chew more than a half-inch or so per day, or else they could get an upset stomach.
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