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Don't be penny cheap don't be penny wise and pound foolish

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Recent work, always see a van parked at the side of the road, the door open, a loudspeaker repeated over and over again: & other; Good news, good news, recycling old cell phones to old cell phone for free in stainless steel basin, through pass by don't miss, & throughout; A middle-aged man in the driver's side that lay, leisurely smoked.

after a while, the next sister happy to go home with a stainless steel basin, sister said chanting, mobile phone is broken in use anyway, can we change the big basin home is good also, bathing can give granddaughter.

I thought will there really be so cheap? Back to the company, he said someone is talking about, say these bad cell phone repair would be recycled back to do the shanzhai sale, some said mobile phone how bad is good all valuable, because the battery inside the tank is a golden thread.

is it true? Reminded me of my curiosity, decided to check on the Internet, look, a login search & other; Old cell phones in the stainless steel bowl & throughout; , N article reports played out, is really don't know, a look startled, originally those recycling is not to fix the phone to sell, more not because the phone what is the golden thread, but to steal information on the phone. Security experts responsible to tell you: now have confirmed that most of the old cell phone deleted information can be recovery by the software, even & other; Factory default & throughout; It is no use. Moreover, such recovery software with no special, spend dozens or hundreds of yuan, in taobao and computer phone stores can be easily acquired.

as long as the cell phones in their hands, they steal money plan began

crooks steal money first step: from the old phone back three information.

to recover the private information inside the phone, a liar for & other; Drawing & other; The first step in preparing, is also the crucial step. Cheat on you are not interested in the photos in the mobile phone, they care about most is your cell phone three information: name, id number, mobile phone number. With mobile phone information for owner's name, id number, can make the false certificate of form a complete set. Go to business hall can fill do a the original number of the SIM card, so the cheater can use your mobile phone number.

crooks through personal information and false papers, mobile phone users fill card stolen property

crooks steal money the second step: use the pay phone card to modify password

cheats to your mobile phone card? You know, a lot of third-party payment software & other Retrieve password & throughout; Function, only need to provide the user's mobile phone number and id card, and then send the verification code to your mobile phone to confirm identity. Cheater already fill your mobile phone card, can easily verify by nature.

crooks steal money step 3: pay directly appropriated software

in the third step, only simple action, using your account transfer, consumption & hellip; … 那么容易! But as of right now, just as you perceive is hand phone suddenly unable to communication, however, went to the business hall found their number was different fill do, feel suspicious, but is still likely to own a bank account is quietly unaware shrink.

liar restore your old cell phone address book great harm, virtually get you the phone Numbers of relatives, friend with fraud in the future.

liar traps are everywhere, please must be careful, old cell phone is the symbol of a time, an old mobile phone has its own story, each sealed can also find the old memories.

shenzhen plastic co. , LTD. , to remind the public: don't be showed, carefully penny wise and pound foolish!

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