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Don't often meet miss dynamic | | plastic

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Not contacted for a long time, not the feelings weak,

is life changed, people gradually mature,

shoulder the responsibility of the heavier, more heart of caring people,

the values of life, there are differences.

although not often contact, but I still remember our friendship,

now we can't always in each other's side, sometimes even a long time not meet,

but we still cared about each other, right?

unconsciously, we cannot pass each other the first time the happy or trouble,

slowly, the affection between us become a stranger, a distance.

we have a new life, new friends,

for a long time never meet, never chat with open heart,

seems to squeeze out the boundaries of a friend.

we face a new life, every day have a new friend,

we also Shared the joys and sorrows with each other.

but I don't like the former us. 。 。 。 。 。

alone also often think of a happy,

a little thing, a snack, a familiar melody,

can has a big list of memories for me,

those about you, about our wonderful past.

today, although we in different directions, different environment,

but each update of the space, album every time change,

the yearning heart of a comfort with each other,

we happen to coincide in watching each other is good,

we each other happy and happy, sad and sad for each other.

in one day, we gather again, friend,

please believe nothing has changed,

there is a feeling, call friend!

the years may change our appearance,

but could not prevent our thoughts,

no matter how long, believe that this feeling will not change.

may in a faraway friend is ok.

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