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by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
In recent years, I was afraid of, because the older you get, the more you will leave loved ones, the impermanence of life!

these years, I have changed, and learned to let willing to part with or use and loathe to give up the fate.

in recent years, life has taught me, harm a person's heart do not have, but the heart of the people must not be without.

in recent years, life has taught me, between people closer or not, in addition to blood, also lies in whether to heart.

in recent years, life has taught me, want to before, although now get, but is no longer important.

these years, I'm awake, no longer good to all people, who I will to who good to me.

these years, I know, time is not necessarily living feeling, but must be able to see the heart.

these years, I've learned that no one is tolerance and as long as parents to forgive you.

these years, I fear, because a carelessly will insides were injured, I'm afraid of covered in scars of pain!

these years, I have changed, and to take all the pain of stubborn, I become strong, is more like a cactus, literally throw where can live.

in recent years, my insight, less paranoid, for some stick to no longer be so persistent.

these years, I am mature, a lot of things don't like to be able to turn a blind eye.

in recent years, life told me that not everyone is willing to accompany you through all.

in recent years, life has taught me, in the life sometimes end must have, what you don't in insist!

these years life tell me, don't need to envy others, oneself also will have a very good! Time like running water, in the past, enjoy the life, enlightenment for life!
cherish the present every day, have a good life!

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