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by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
1. Mud sample, according to the different design, cartoon, characters, animals than plant a variety of different shapes, such as by artificial, sculpture of the machine.

2. Waxy, through the shape of the mud sample, return relatively waxy shape, easy to open the mould product surface is flat and level.

3. Die, die cavities of others is, and by waxy copper pour out of the first mode, generally the guest confirm product samples at the end of the program of

4. Bulk mode, by mode of production of products, then homework, created a certain amount of large cargo mode.

5. Trimming

6. Colored, fuel injection, printing, assembly

7. Packing shipment.

evade glue pet dog toys, to a large extent, the guest heard this name, will be misinterpreted as 'evade glue' is a kind of material, it is not the case, 'evade glue and injection molding, only trace injection, glue, is a kind of technology term, actually the source of the materials used are mainly PVC, pour into PVC fluid in the production process, through evade glue furnace turn evenly heating the liquid form solid post on the edge of the mould. So called evade glue, I don't think and prevarication the nouns mean stuff like other disciples.

a: evade glue is introduced on the
a: evade glue common sense

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