Evade glue pet dog toy odor treatment | | plastic industry news

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Made of rubber lining material pet dog toy is called evade glue pet dog toys, are classified according to the production of material a term. Evade glue pet dog is a kind of do toy materials, a little soft, has good properties, generally for dolls, generally is hollow, but there are solid, the cost will be high.

because evade glue kind pet dog toy is suitable for mass production, so evade glue pet dog toys on the market is full of beautiful things in eyes, is generally based on the price to win, is take the form of circulation of goods. Less to the brand operation in China, plastic pet dog toy is one of the pet dog toy brands with distinctive features. Plastic evade glue pet dog toys with advanced environmental protection PVC materials, manufactured with exquisite craft, make the strict drawings - > Mud samples - > - Waxy & gt; Production mold - > Production - > Color - > The quality inspection - > Storage process, designed by famous designer, pet dog toys series can be a work of art.

due to evade glue production process is simple, there are unqualified quality products on the market, consumers in the purchase of evade glue pet dog toys, should carefully identify, such as the smell of the product, there is no smell, good evade glue product and poor quality of the product may have a pungent smell.

if the smell is very big, suggest use cleaning fluid to clean a few times, and put in ventilated place, Far from children as much as possible) Put a period of time.

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