Exploring the design of pet dog toys

by:Zhierde     2020-12-29

With the increasing status of pet dogs, the relationship with humans is becoming more intimate; the increase in the number of pet dogs has increased the demand for pet dogs; the pet market is also growing, and the demand for pet toys is becoming more and more urgent. . However, there are many types of pet toys on the market with different quality, so more and more attention is paid to the design requirements of pet dog toys. This article discusses the design of pet dog toys from safety elements, psychological elements and interactive elements.
  Research shows that China's pet market reached a blowout in 2015, with a market size of hundreds of billions. According to the '2015 China Pet Owners' Consumer Behavior Survey Report', the proportion of people who own dogs accounted for 62.5%, of which 59.6% were spent on purchasing pet dog’s daily necessities, toys, and clothing. It shows that pet dog toys have immeasurable market development prospects.
  The IQ of a dog is equivalent to that of a human being at three to four years old, and its behavior is very similar to that of infants. Many people who keep pet dogs already regard pet dogs as their own children. When they buy toys, they will also purchase pet toys based on various rules such as safety, and pay attention to whether they will harm the puppy, whether the puppy will swallow, and so on.
   The author has done some comparisons between baby toys and pet toys, and found that many of the structures and functions are very similar. Infant toys can also arouse pet dogs’ interest and play. Therefore, when designing pet dog toys, we can also learn from the design of infant toys. From the perspective of the purchaser, the purchaser of baby toys will choose to purchase products with relatively higher prices, pay more attention to safety signs, and also pay attention to early education and the corresponding age group; purchasers of pet dog toys will prefer to consider functionality , Material, price and other factors.
   To design a pet dog toy, we must first understand the dog’s behavior, purpose, and consumer psychology of their owner. Many factors must be considered, such as safety, psychology, and interaction.
  1. Safety factors
   The teeth of pet dogs are aggressive, often accompanied by biting actions, and it is inevitable that they will swallow toys. The status at home is also the beloved treasure of the breeder, so safety factors have become the primary considerations in the design of pet dog toys. The first priority of any biological toy should be safety. Security can be considered from two aspects.
   (1) Appearance
   The size should first be paid attention to in the appearance design. The size setting should be determined by the size of the corresponding pet dog. While ensuring the function, try not to have sharp shapes in the shape so as not to stab the dog's body parts, such as the eyes and direct contact mouth. The internal structure should not be too small and easy to loose parts to prevent unpredictable injuries such as suffocation caused by accidental ingestion of pets while playing. The appearance should be sleek and smooth, with a place for pets to bite.
   (2) Material aspect
   The materials of pet dog toys on the market today are roughly cotton, rubber, plastic, handmade natural wool, swallowable loofah, wood, etc. Because pets play toys with the most frequent mouth contact and contact with the breeder, they must be non-toxic and pollution-free and strictly follow the national toy standards. Most of the pet dogs are the 'children' of the breeder. The toys corresponding to the corresponding materials should be selected according to the habit of the pet dog's breed, its own character, biting habits and age. Hard plastics rarely appear in pet toys that are held directly by their mouths, because pets have the habit of grinding their teeth, and they are easy to swallow hard plastics and cause physical injury and safety hazards. Therefore, the choice of material occupies a large proportion in the design of pet dog toys. Dogs who like to bite and have a little grumpy temperament should choose materials such as rubber and wood. Cotton that is not too strong is not suitable, and it is easy to be torn and damaged. ; It reduces the service life of toys and is harmful to pets. It is easy to cause suffocation or damage to the stomach when swallowed.
   2. Psychological
   Dogs have been a kind of social creatures since ancient times, so their supplies and pet toy industry should start from their psychological level. Pet dogs generally have dependence psychology, inquiry psychology, order psychology and loneliness psychology. They are naturally active and unwilling to be lonely, especially some special species are very clingy and prone to suffer from separation phobia; at this time the comforting effect of toys is also very important. Therefore, the psychological element is also one of the elements in the design of pet dog toys. Psychology can be considered from many aspects, cite three directions.
   (1) The psychological direction of dependence and loneliness
   Pet dogs like to stay with their owners. If they are separated from their owners, their inner dependence and loneliness will easily cause their pets to become unsuitable. Such as restlessness, destroying furniture, making troubles, urinating and defeating anywhere, deliberately making noises, and in serious cases, self-harm and other abnormal behaviors. Therefore, the design of pet dog toys can be designed from these psychology. For example, the sound of small slippers is designed to take advantage of the pet dog’s dependence on the owner’s slippers. It not only satisfies the pet dog’s attachment to the owner’s objects, but also has accompanying toys to deal with the loneliness. There are also some leaky balls, and some food is placed inside; some small structures are set up inside, and there are some noises when rolling, with the dual guidance of food and sound; pet dogs playing very happy also eliminate the loneliness The mentality is less dependent on the absence of the master and anxious.
   (2) Exploring psychology
   Dogs are in the world where humans live, in the environment of human life; they are always driven by their own curiosity. Full of curiosity about all kinds of things. It can be combined with toys and food to guide the dog to learn new movements to consume energy and maintain body balance. Therefore, the design of pet dog toys can also use various methods such as sound to arouse the interest of pet dogs.
   3. Interactivity
   I talked about the dependence psychology of pet dogs. I think the happiest thing about pet dogs is to play with their owners. Interactivity is divided into two ways of interaction, one is interaction with the owner; such as recovery toys, flying discs, rubber bones, etc. The owner threw it out, and the puppy came back. Come and go to form a good interaction; it can also consume the energy of the pet dog so that the owner will fall asleep after going out to work. There will be no separation phobia. The second is the interaction between the pet and the toy itself; such as spherical toys, the dog can chase by itself; there are also educational game toys with relevant cards; in some institutions and ange, there are hidden dog favorite snacks or Dog food requires certain behaviors to obtain food, and eating food is a feedback interaction of toys.
   The status of pet dogs has become more and more important with China’s economic development; the design of pet toys also needs to be more standardized. Starting from the behavior and habits of pet dogs, we should focus on dogs, and use people as the supplement to conceive, explore, research and design. Caring for the physical and mental health of the pet from both the physical and psychological aspects of the dog, and also strengthen the contact and communication between the pet dog and the person; the relationship between the pet dog and the pet itself is one step closer.
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