Get rid of the problem of the dog biting things

by:Zhierde     2021-03-23
Dogs have the habit of grinding their teeth, especially the puppies in the period of teething. Grinding is their physiological requirement. If you insist on not allowing them to bite, it will be a little tricky.

To prevent the dog from biting the things in the house, the first thing to do is to put away all the things he likes most in his teeth, such as slippers. As long as we change them off, we put them in the shoe cabinet in time and close the door tightly. There are other things that the dog wants to bite and can't get. In short, put away everything your dog likes. Please don't leave it indiscriminately and put it out of reach. This is an excellent way to prevent it from being damaged. Still, everything has advantages and disadvantages. That is, dogs will always be in a safe and clean environment like this, and they will never learn to distinguish what can be bitten.

If your dog has severe problems with biting things, try using dog chews, which can also improve dog bites' dire issues. Dog chews are pretty good. They can help dogs grind their teeth, exercise masseter muscles, and clean their mouths. At the same time, you can pass the boring time. With dog chews, dogs rarely destroy furniture anymore. When choosing a dog chew, you must not save money, buy a good quality dog ??chew, and pay attention to cleaning. , After the molar period is significant, there will be no break-up behavior.

Precautions for the dog's tooth replacement period
1. Prepare teething toys: To prevent the dog from venting around during the tooth replacement period, the owner should prepare some teething toys, teeth sticks, etc., to divert the dog's attention in advance. Otherwise, the furniture, slippers, and other items in the house will become the object of teeth grinding.

2. Baby teeth are often not found: When a dog is changing teeth, the replaced baby teeth are generally not seen. It may have been swallowed by a dog or dropped anywhere. But don't worry, this will not affect the dog's body.

3. Tooth itching is unbearable: The dog's teeth will feel painful itching during the tooth replacement period. The owner can tie a towel into a knot and soak it, put it in the refrigerator and let the dog play with it, which can be very good to the effect of labor pain.

4. Calcium supplementation is needed during the tooth replacement period: Calcium supplementation is indispensable during the tooth replacement period so that the dog can have a vital tooth. Usually, pay attention to eating some foods with calcium content; the best thing is to eat pet ample instant calcium vitamins for dogs, supplement a variety of calcium and vitamins, and promote the absorption of calcium.

5. Be careful with the power supply at home: The dog's curiosity is very heavy, and the interest during the molar period is more prominent. The owner must be careful about the power cord at home. It is best to stick them on the floor with tape and must Close the kitchen and toilet.

6. Observe new teeth' growth: The owner needs to observe the development of new teeth every day. Sometimes a lot of new teeth will grow out, and the old teeth will not fall out. If it takes a long time, it will easily cause the new teeth' incorrect position and some problems with the gums.
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