Give your dog a chew toy to let you go once and for all

by:Zhierde     2021-03-23
Chew toys are objects for dogs to bite. They are difficult to destroy and cannot be eaten. If your dog swallows a toy, you have to buy a new one to replace it; it will cost you a lot of money, so chew toys that can withstand the bite are much more affordable. If your dog eats something that cannot be eaten, then you may be repurchasing a puppy because eating something that cannot be eaten will cause significant harm to the dog's body. Which chew toy you choose depends on whether the dog likes to bite and its taste.

For some dogs, cow hooves or pressed leather items will be very chewy, and for other dogs, these can be shredded within a few minutes. Hollow sterile bones can be the second choice. A dog is a curious social animal, and it needs something to do when left alone at home. What do you want your dog to do? Have you embroidered cross stitch? You have to provide something for the dog to pass the day. If your dog likes to chew toys, you can let him settle down and bite the chew toys well.

To properly train the chew toy, you must restrict the dog's movement. When you are not at home, put your dog in a play area with a bed, drinking water, dog toilet, and chew toys full of food. When you are at home, put your dog in a dog house with many chew toys containing dog food. Put the dog out to the toilet every hour and play a chew toy game―a chew toy hide and seek, a chew toy finds match, Or chew toy tug of war. Your dog will soon develop the habit of only biting on chew toys because this is the only toy it can bite, and the dog food and snacks in the chew toys will make the chew toys more attractive.

Once the dog has fallen in love with chew toys and has not bitten or defecated for at least a month, you can increase the number of rooms to two. Gradually, there are more and more rooms where dogs can move. Finally, when it is left alone at home, it can enjoy the freedom to move around indoors and in the courtyard. If the wrong behavior of biting something happens, it can only be active in its initial space for at least one month to teach the dog to fall in love with chewing toys. In addition to preventing damage to the things at home, you can also keep the dog from barking because the dog can't bark while biting.

Chew toys can also help your dog settle down quickly because it can not run around while biting. Biting chew toys is very effective for dogs with the obsessive-compulsive disorder because chew toys can solve these problems conveniently and effectively. Your dog may have obsessive-compulsive disorder, but dogs who are in love with chew toys will be happy to spend a lot of time chewing on food-containing chew toys. The most important thing is that chewing toys can keep the dog having something to do and effectively prevent the dog's anxiety caused by separation from you.

Put the dog's meal in the chew toy instead of in the food bowl. Generally speaking, the calories of the dog's meal should account for most of the calories needed in the day. This behavior encourages them to have more energy barking and running around. What's more, if you let the dog eat from the food bowl, it will be boring the next day because it does not need to find food. In the wild, the time spent searching for food will account for 90% of the dog's waking time, so in a sense, the behavior of regularly and quantitatively feeding the dog with the food bowl will deprive it of the most essential thing in the day. Task-foraging. Curious dogs will treat foraging as a day's entertainment.

Rather than as you think, the way a dog spends time is to disrupt. There is no doubt that feeding the dog who has just been brought home with a food bowl regularly is a big misunderstanding in the dog's training and management. Although you didn't mean it, feeding the dog with a food bowl is highly detrimental to its good habits and health maintenance. In other words, every meal provided by the food bowl deprives the dog of the meaning of survival. After devouring his dinner in a few seconds, the poor dog had to face the emptiness of the next day. He had nothing to do, could only think wildly, became more irritable, and finally went crazy independently.

A critical point in a dog's early education is to teach it how to spend the day peacefully. Feeding your dog with only those chew toys will make your dog always have something to do and always feel satisfied. It keeps your dog's attention on a pleasant activity so that the dog will not feel lonely. Every piece of dog food that falls out is a reward for the dog to bite and chew the toy instead of running around and barking.
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