Guide the dog's chewing behavior

by:Zhierde     2021-03-16

This is the first step in solving the problem of destructive chewing. But before your dog completes comprehensive training, make sure to put any items you don't want it to chew out of its reach. This is the responsibility of every member of the family. There is a saying that goes well: 'If you allow your dog to come into contact with such items, the responsibility lies with you, not with the dog.
Secondly, please make sure the dog has enough toys and other items suitable for chewing. Also, please make sure that its toys are not household items or look like furniture items. If you use old socks or slippers as its toys, don't be surprised or angry when you find it chewing on some brand new socks or slippers. Dogs don't know the difference between new socks and old socks.

Provide various safe, non-toxic toys, and toys should contain multiple textures from soft and sticky to rigid and not so flexible. Before you find your dog's favorite toy or chew item that makes your dog most satisfied, please prepare various natural objects and let your dog choose by himself.
The purpose of changing the dog's behavior is to provide it with every opportunity for success while avoiding the possibility of failure. If it chews something inappropriate, please prepare some snacks and then give it a 'spit out' command. It will be rewarded immediately and replace the previously chewed items with its toys as long as it follows your instructions. To successfully change the dog's behavior, it is essential to persist in doing so.

You should never do one thing: chase him when he has something in his mouth because for many dogs, 'catch me' is an exciting game. When the dog is left alone at home, the most friendly and effective way to prevent destructive chewing is to conduct cage training.
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