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How to choose a 1 - 3 years old baby dog toy?

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
How to select 1 a 3 years old baby dog toy?

every parents consider their children's health is more important than his own life. But how many parents choose their baby's pet dog toys when they think of dog toy will also bring harm to the health of the baby?

plastic I'm engaged in plastic pet dog toys has 30 years of time. In my opinion to choose 1 a 3 years old baby plastic pet dog toys hardness should be between a 50 degrees 40 degrees, so you don't touch hurt your little baby. Choose plastic pet dog toys for children must choose less paint products. For 1 a 3-year-old children like the pet dog toy in the mouth bite, once the paint drops will let the child to swallow, cause a harm to the health of the body. In choosing a plastic pet dog toy surface should be smooth without too much water chestnut products the most suitable.

dog toys, all kinds of the market now, of course, also want to have a certain understanding, the quality of product in the first place with a pet dog toys to smell it and see if there are any peculiar smell, and look at appearance is going to be easy to harm your children, before we decide to give you a little baby to choose the most suitable pet dog toys.

a: to make the appearance of the plastic pet dog toy modelling is in the details on the
a: evade glue pet dog toy rubber parts problems

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