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How to choose pet toys?

by:Zhierde     2021-03-19
Choosing a pet toy of the right size can help your dog consume some energy. Some pet toys may be suitable for puppies, but when the puppies grow up, they may appear smaller and should be discarded. Small pet toys such as small rubber balls may be swallowed by a grown-up dog or stuck in the throat. Throw away those pet toy fragments and pet toys that have been torn apart.
Pet toys are made of different materials and have extra durability. Therefore, before you buy pet toys for your pet, you need to understand your pet's biting habits and choose suitable and durable pet toys for it.

1. Polyethylene and latex pet toys are generally soft and are made in various colors. Some even make squeaking noises, making pet toys more interesting. These pet toys usually are suitable for dogs that do not have aggressive biting habits.
2. Rubber and nylon pet toys are more durable and suitable for dogs with moderate biting habits. This kind of pet toy often has a hole in the top, so that it is more enjoyable when those dogs who like to chew play.
3. Rope pet toys are generally made of nylon or cotton materials, suitable for dogs with moderate biting habits. It is handy for dogs who like to drag games, and this kind of texture that is not soft or hard also helps the dog's dental health.
4. Plush pet toys are softer and lighter, suitable for dogs who like to drag pet toys around, but not for dogs who like to bite.
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