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How to distinguish the quality of pet toys?

by:Zhierde     2021-03-16
To distinguish the quality of pet toys, look at the material composition, the color fastness of pet toy materials, tension, and torsion must meet the national GB6675 standard. Only pet toys that have passed the national standard monitoring are qualified, and some pet toys from small manufacturers may contain added formaldehyde―excessive content, unqualified materials, etc. Besides, bite resistance, abrasion resistance, water-resistance, and corrosion resistance are important factors for the excellent quality of pet toys. We all know that many pets like dogs are born to hunt and bite. Is their Therefore, the design and production of pet toys must consider it.

The second is to look at the appearance and the shape of the product. If the pet toy's quality is good, but the form is crooked, it is difficult for many wholesalers to sell the goods. After all, pet toys with good looks and unsightly and strange shapes are not. It's so selling. Good dog toys are exquisite in design, quality, and packaging, while inferior toys are likely to have evil eyes, ears, nose, and mouth and thread ends everywhere. Next, we can grasp and pinch with our hands. Different dog toys have other tactile sensations when they are pinched, and the resilience of dog toys will also be further. At the same time, the natural distribution of the internal fillings is also different. Good dog toys are soft, comfortable, elastic, and evenly distributed, while inferior dog toys are thick and complex, with little resilience, and may have lumps in touch. The last point is that there is no proof. When you choose pet toys, you should read the test report. The test report of the pet toy is the guarantee of its performance. When you buy the pet toy, you must remember to ask the pet toy manufacturer for the test report and, Oh, the guarantee.

In addition to these points, the smell of pet toys and manufacturers' reputation can be used as a reference for your choice of pet toys.
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