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How to distinguish which plastic pet dog toy is a non-toxic material?

by:Zhierde     2020-12-07
Most pet toys now USES is general plastic raw materials, plastic raw materials such as PP, PE, PS of plastics raw materials, plastic raw materials such as PVC, that the material which is safe? And what about if material shows no difference which toys are non-toxic materials?

pet toys are not suitable for general use of PVC plastic raw materials, the raw materials of chemical name is PVC, polyvinyl chloride in chlorine containing highly toxic, so must be careful when using, and if there is no marked material then how can we determine whether we in the hands of plastic toy materials non-toxic?

? If so that we can only from the appearance of identification, first of all, we can see the brightness of the plastic toys, if brightness is bad is likely to be made from recycled plastic raw materials, the use of our sense of smell organ, the plastic toy smell if appear excitant odour requires attention, this kind of material is likely to contain toxic chemicals, the last is to have a look at the plastic toys have product certification, the domestic product certification is commonly 'CCC', if not is likely to be unqualified products, about some of the warning signs on the plastic toys, of course, also we can not be ignored!

in the entrance of the pet toy is actually also have a lot of simple when it comes to plastic toys containing plasticizers, are not safe, non-toxic and how to determine the plastic toys mainly through the analysis of the material and to identify whether there is a national security certification!
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