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How to make customers feel we are worthy of their trust?

by:Zhierde     2020-12-07
On Wednesday afternoon, ushered in a plastic we China's richest village ( Huaxi village) A customer to do all kinds of plastic shoes, just take the door only in his early 20 s I glance over the past two boys and a girl. I thought is really promising after 90 now, so young can do business career, and it is through the Internet to sell their own design of products is also too let me sit up and take notice.

in plastic my conversation with them, I felt the lining for them? , oil furnace production of the whole production process in the dark. They just told me to hurry up to quote, when would you be able to ship it, but I was also very patient with Mr. I say to them, you don't listen to us tell you what's going on.

in the process of our oil furnace and evade glue, if you provide a plastic piece to us, ask us to help you do a the same glue out, first we have to sculpture mud sample, and then copy waxy clay samples, and then with waxy do die, die types of well pull plastic pieces, after go back to shape good plastic parts to do production mode. Before you can produce large quantities of rubber parts. This series of process to 15 a 20 days. The bigger the plastic pieces of the longer time will be. Because of big rubber parts for copper must be thicker, or in the long-term high temperature in the production of copper time will easy to deformation and burn mucilage or rupture, leakage lining out the plastic pieces will also is very poor, not what you want.

the guest after listening, he said: 'we don't know what to so many process to produce the products we need. They put a smile on her face. Later they said after listening to our introduction: 'he had a vendor is doing trade talk about good ship a month, the result that he waited for more than two months had no cargo out to him, let he suffered great loss'. 'So you don't! ' he said. We say: 'not, because we have our own factory, we pick orders will be in accordance with the schedule of delivery on time. They are relieved to have the goods to us to do. So the plastic from the client, I learned to do a good job in a factory boss not only want to have patience and trust. Can't say customer what you promised to what, we'll say to do it, now that promised to the customer if the order is too much, the first to tell the customer know that when can you give an accurate shipping date of shipment, believe that every customer will accept our correct arrangement. Honesty is a businessman must do it. Believe in yourself will be better and win the trust of customers.

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