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How to properly clean and disinfect pet toys and eating utensils?

by:Zhierde     2021-03-19
1. How often should Mao's utensils be washed?
According to related surveys: households with pets usually clean their pet utensils every 3-7 days or longer, while only about 30% of the shovelers who can clean them regularly every day, the most common cleaning frequency is 2-3 day. Such cleaning frequency is very insufficient.

2. What is the most effective cleaning method and frequency for sterilization?
It is most appropriate to clean your pet's bowls and water basins as frequently as cleaning your bowls and chopsticks every day. After each meal, Mao Kid uses a special cleaning cloth and detergent to clean the tableware, thoroughly washing away potential bacteria. In addition to regular daily cleaning, thorough and comprehensive disinfection should be performed once a week. Use a pet-specific disinfectant to soak and clean the bowls and water basins, and then dry them before using them.

3. Pet toys
As Mao's toys are often played and thrown everywhere, they should clean plastic toys once a day, should thoroughly clean plush toys and cat litters, and kennels at least every half a month. They should be soaked in pet-specific disinfectant for cleaning and sterilization. After drying in the sun, it can be used by pets. In the case of being lazy or inconvenient to clean, pet utensils and toys should be placed in the sun to sterilize them regularly, preventing more bacteria from breeding.
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