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by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Whether in China or abroad, evade glue pet dog toy doll is cute and popular with the children, but, in addition to evade glue toys, have you ever seen a lovely sheep felt dolls? Ukraine, designers and artists Hanna Dovhan to handmade lovely food series is famous for its baize doll. Although her past work topic is limited to foods, such as happy smile eggs and cherry, but now she baize collection more rich, the theme of the new added a work of inspiration for the nature, include plant animal lovers and enthusiasm.

Dovhan use is called needle felting technique to design the fuzzy art. In this way, she is able to create a wide variety, colorful dolls. So we won't see the monotony of evade glue pet dog toy doll, pet dog toy industry is more and more colorful. Like her early works, in the new creation, she also love different foods anthropomorphic, including hug croissants and close to each other's chili. In addition, plants, animals and natural wonders also appears in her work, it shows her progress, the creation of the eclectic attitude.

Dovhan on her Etsy shop to sell these cute dolls, exquisite wreath and individual animal stuffed dog. Each handmade, They contain a lot of love) Doll partner has proved that everyone has a man waiting for him, even if the food, plants and animals, too. In addition, we also can have a chance to see the lovely flocking dog toys, its ornamental and aesthetic, not inferior at baize doll oh, interested friends can know about the oh.

artist Hanna Dovhan specializing in wool felt dolls, she proved that concentrated in her works, everyone can find perfect match with his work, it might be a lovely food made of wool felt, animals and nature as the inspiration. When you buy lovely plastic pet dog toys for the children, might as well try to give the child a few different surprise!

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