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by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Intelligent dog toy is a newly developed intelligent technology products, a lot of friends all don't understand why give children buy a smart dog toys, ordinary pet dog toys don't play as well, so the significance of intelligent dog toys to children have?

according to experts study & other; Many pet dog toy is specially for the children play, such as plastic pet dog toys, evade glue pet dog toys, flocking dog toys. ”

1, can foster the good quality of customer service difficult, strive forward as the

children by hand or other body activities. Play such as assembly model dog toys, children to conception, to imagine, to achieve the established purpose and select materials; Begin to assemble, to begin, and to the brain.

when used in pet dog toy activity children also will encounter some difficulties, these difficulties they must rely on own strength to overcome, and stick to complete the task, and cultivate the excellent quality to overcome difficulties and strive forward.

2, pet dog toys can cause children's association activity

some dog toy is specially used for thinking training, such as assembly model of pet dog toys, pet toys, all kinds of intelligence can improve the child's analysis, synthesis, comparison, judgment and reasoning ability, cultivating depth, flexibility and agility of thinking.

3, help develop the collective ideas and cooperation spirit

some dog toy is require children to work together to complete. Pet dog toys such as assembly model, the need to start work together different parts of the assembly model, assembled together. In the process of assembling can help children learn more scientific knowledge and life experience, practice and peer cooperation, coordinate each other's movements, improve the collective idea.

4, intelligent dog toys can help children to enrich the connotation of personality

children in play the game of pet dog toys, continually experience success and failure, freedom and rules, the process and results, to meet the fun of playing at the same time, enrich the connotation of his personality. But there are different types of dog toys and function, the type of dog toy is different, have different impact on children and role, for children, pet dog toys are their books.

child to know the world, through the pet dog toy is their favorite life good companion.

plastic pet dog toy has the characteristics of visual image, children can feel, look, listen, blowing, etc. , for a variety of sensory training.

dog toys at the same time in the development of sensory and motor ability not only enrich the child's perceptual knowledge, and help children get the impression that in life, when a child fails to extensive contact with the real life, they are using pet dog toys to know the world.

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