Instructions regarding the application of extrusion molding plastic pet dog toys

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Pet toys extrusion molding application

pet toys out applied to thermoplastic plastics and rubber processing, can be carried out ingredients, granulation, rubber filtration, etc. , can be continuous production, manufacturing for all kinds of products such as pipes, profiles, plate ( Or a sheet) , film, etc. , high production efficiency.

1, the aggregate

after polymer mixed with various additives, to melt in the extrusion machine, and further mixing. Through the mode, the orifice form root stock, then cut into aggregate. And cold cut cut have eagerly grain. The former stock from the mouth after the mould, with air or water cooling, side immediately with rotating knife cut off. The latter is to strip all after cooling, and then into the dicing machine cut grain.

2, pipe

the material by the mouth of mold and core die ring space, the formation of tubes, through setting and cooling, to get smooth surface, size and geometric shape of pipe accurately. Commonly used to finalize the design method is to use an outside diameter to finalize the design, namely the extrusion tubes with an inner diameter of the products outer diameter of the same pattern sleeve, using pressure errand tubes are close to finalize the set of the lining, and pipe diameter can be obtained accurately. In order to cause the differential to tube into the compressed air, also can cause negative pressure outside the tube.

3, sheet and film

every thickness at 0. More than 25 mm, length is much greater than the width of the flat products called sheet; The thickness is less than 0. 25 mm said film.

if the flat die out membrane, through a very bright and clean the surface of the cooling drum after heating, flat membrane can be obtained, this method is also called LiuYanFa came out. This is a manufacturing polypropylene film commonly used method. If the income into the stenter flat membrane, at the same time in the longitudinal and transverse tensile 4 ~ 10 times ( Also can be longitudinal tensile first, again transverse tensile) , the biaxial oriented film can be obtained from. Due to stretching, the macromolecular orientation, so the film strength is high, but the floods, permeability is reduced. Often used in the manufacture of polypropylene and polyester film. Such as materials and foaming agent, and the use of special screw and die, also can be obtained low foam plank.

4, coating line,

when the metal bare wire through a tee mold, molten plastic surrounding the bare wire to form a cladding layer, namely coating line is cooled after winding, a quick all kinds of wire and cable products.

5, blown film

most of the film with blow up the legal system. The law is a tube will die out of the mouth, with compressed air blowing, form the film bubble blown out by the wind ring air cooling, and then through the guide roll ( Or plywood) Elicit, winding roll again, blown film can be obtained. A large number of packaging bags, agricultural film the legal cause cylinder membrane, welding and cutting and made further.

6, composite products

USES several extrusion machine, at the same time supply several kinds of plastic, by sharing the nose out again, form an integral part of the composite products, to produce various composite film, composite sheet, plate, profiles and pipes.

7, melt spinning

some of the viscosity of the resin in melt spinning, the commonly used extruder to molten material. The molten material directly through the filter into the spinneret, or use the jet pump into the spinneret.

the application of molding

injection is a method of modelling of industrial products. Injection molding can also be points injection moulding and casting method. Injection moulding machine, Injection machine or injection molding machine) Is the thermoplastic or thermosetting material using plastic molding mold made into various shapes of plastic products mainly molding equipment, injection molding is done by injection molding machine and mold.

1, plastic injection molding,

plastic injection molding plastic products is a kind of method, using the molten plastic pressure into plastic injection mold, cooling molding get all kinds of plastic parts. Have a special used for injection molding machine injection molding machine. Is currently the most commonly used plastic polystyrene.

the shape of the often is finally finished, before installation or used as the final product is no longer needed other processing. Many details, such as boss, rib, thread, can be in the injection molding of molding step.

2, rubber injection

rubber injection molding is a kind of rubber directly from the barrel injection model sulfide production methods. The advantage of rubber injection molding is: although the intermittent operation, but the molding cycle is short, high production efficiency cancelled the embryo of preparation process, labor intensity is small, the product quality is excellent.

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