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by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
On January 6, 2014 to 9, the 40th Hong Kong toy fair will be held at the Hong Kong convention and exhibition center. The reporter learns from the organizers of the Hong Kong TDC, exhibition from traditional toys to the latest trends, from children's toys to adult toys will achieve universal coverage, toys and games, everything all over the world completely meet the demand of buyers to purchase.

new hook: a new generation of intelligent and treatment of toys

in order to achieve the orderly flow, convenient buyer exhibition, the exhibition organizers and take the way of topic partition. Exhibits category involves the candy toys, educational toys and games, electronics and remote control toys, festival and party supplies, outdoor and sporting goods, paper packaging, soft toys and dolls and toys, testing and certification services, business services, video games, toys, magic for hobby, model, mechanical toys, action figures, toys, a new generation of intelligent toys.

in particular, as more and more traditional toys through Apps and intelligent device, in order to cater to the trend of world digital toys and games, in 2014 the exhibition special new theme zone set up a new generation of intelligent toys. Another new set exhibition - - Treatment of toys will show that can help children and old toys relieve pressure and other related issues.

last year the focus of the exhibition will continue to be for buyers' brand gallery 'for the high quality brand launched by the high quality products; 2013 billingsley's 'world' will be shown especially for adult toys market products, such as hobby toys, magic toys, model, mechanical toys, action figures, etc.

in addition, during the exhibition organizers will provide different activities for buyers to get the latest information and the extension of arteries and veins. Reporter learned that, such as Hong Kong toy industry conference will invite experts for merchants to provide the latest toy safety guidelines; A series of product demonstration and workshop will explore the latest trend, provides exchanges share industry market conditions; Hong Kong's toys and baby products award winning entries show allows businesses get design inspiration; In Hong Kong baby products exhibition held at the same time, the Hong Kong international stationery exhibition and the Hong Kong international authorized exhibition will display a variety of products, provide the buyer with more opportunities for purchasing.

gather popularity: the exhibition by the industry recognition and praise

it is understood that as the same type of Asia's largest, the world's second largest exhibition, the Hong Kong toys and always have been paid much attention by the industry, each year attracting buyers from all over the world to come to the exhibition.

attended the Hong Kong toys and many buyers. Taiwan sprout co. , LTD. , managing director of zhang zeming thought: 'Hong Kong toy fair is very useful to me, because every time I come to see novel and interesting things, and this is the reason why I attend. Hong Kong toy exhibition scale, and proper for the global market, just can provide what I need. '

美国StarcrestProductsofCaliforniaInc. Purchasing manager FrankHartless said: 'the Hong Kong toy fair both detailed classification of the product and select superior over other I visited the exhibition. I come to Hong Kong toy fair is hope to explore new products and new sellers, and I have met some potential suppliers. Exhibition let a person feel at home, and efficient and courteous employees. '

FutureValueRetailLtd in India. Toys, sports products and children's books record manager JaiDesai said: 'we visited Hong Kong toy fair procurement has for several years, with the supply chain in the city of India more than 170 home BigBazaar super market. Hong Kong toy fair is we are looking for new suppliers, understanding toys and market trends as well as the perfect place to catch a glimpse of vendor products now. '

since 2011, domestic sports goods industry and, in a hard up and look for a year's annual report declining sales and store closed become two of the most popular words. And almost simultaneously, as a 'close' outdoor products industry is developed rapidly, and turn over a few times a year of sales data, let the sporting goods industry began to focus on the 'little man', outdoor concept rose sharply in the sporting goods industry.

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