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by:Zhierde     2020-12-07
According to related statistics, 2014 children under the age of 16 in China up to 3. 800 million, of which the one-child accounted for 34% of the total number of children, to 1. 2. 9 billion. The total consumption in children, children's pet dog toy consumption rose from 5% last year to
8% this year. From access to children and parents, have realized their awareness and demand for pet dog toys in gradually to increase, plush dog toy is more and more get the favour of people. Evade glue pet dog toy is no longer just accompany with people, childish age stage product, but in a different form linked to people's life. Function of pet dog toy has from pure parenting tool, to people to seek a healthy, happy, fashionable way of life of the material such as carrier. People regard it as more of decoration, gift friends and relatives to taste and gifts, make the life to add a few minutes of interest.
the big cities of the country's child allowance per month is 176 yuan, a great influence on household consumption. Thanks to modern family most young couples have only one child, parents are willing to spend on them.

according to the survey, when purchasing a learning tool and pet dog toys, 59% is decided by the children, and for entertainment, is determined by the child makes the proportion of more than 50%. According to statistics, the domestic urban children every pet dog toys per capita consumption of about 35 yuan
( Yuan, hereinafter the same) , rural children under 10 yuan, city adults for 12 yuan, rural adults is almost zero. Per a year to a family of three, less spending 10 yuan to buy a pet dog toys, pet dog toy consumption as much as
4 billion yuan. As the improvement of domestic residents living conditions, the pet dog toy consumption will be more and more high. Estimated average urban children have 10 to 15 pieces of pet dog toys.
fluffy dog toys, but at present our country mostly is 3 without the product, the safe hidden trouble, not health, environmental protection, poor quality, low price, not a series, a lack of consumer trust, in the domestic plush dog toy is not a national brand, and by a sales agent or office of foreign brands already form such as entered the mainland market. It is expensive for many consumers away.
the market prospect: currently, China's pet dog toys per capita consumption level is low, but with the rapid development of national economy and the continuous improvement of living standard, household China pet dog toy market will gradually show amazing potential. According to a survey abroad: evade glue pet dog toy is a European parents give their children choose pet dog toys, European spent on pet dog toy cost (per capita $144) Is much higher than China and Asia ( $13) And other developing countries, become second only to the United States, RMB 340
) 's second big pet dog toy consumption market and the Asian countries dog toy consumption per capita less than one over ten of Europe.
according to China's pet dog toy association and the China social investigation office, according to a survey of China's existing 286 million children and teenagers under the age of 14. The pet dog toy consumption per person in their only 20 yuan, 2. $4) The
30 yuan ( 3. $6) Yuan, far below the dog toy consumption $13 per person in Asian children and children around the world per capita consumption of $34 years dog toys. If China pet dog toys reach Asian average consumption, the size of the market is expected to exceed 30 billion yuan.

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