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by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
'Charlotte pains, it was not until yesterday that I quietly watching it, it's worth it to see a movie, although content is very funny, but the real charlotte troubles occurred in once or now upon us.

“ Charlotte to he had a crush on the beauty of autumn, was held at the luxury hotel's wedding, charlotte when toast for her in front of the old classmates around career success, but found himself nothing, heart pantothenic acid, through wine strength make the wedding, even up to 110. ” See my in the mind also mixed here, thinking about, feel once seemed so lost myself, though he is not so impulsive, but the inferiority complex is real.

“ Charlotte at the ceremony after a vent but fell asleep on the toilet, in the dream he back in high school, revenge had insulted his teacher, and even for he had a crush on but did not dare to love a girl, the disappointed mother smile more, to the good luck is not over, he went on to become a well-known writers, musicians, Internet stir, a barrage of incredible things. Behind what is happening in cans be imagined, the life of young people indulge in the luxury erosion lost, unable to extricate themselves. When lost everything, he just know regret, when knew that they were in a dream, he desperately wanted to wake up, but have not helped. 。 。

I still want to going to sleep, give me a such a dream! A good! If I'm charlotte, I encountered this dream, in the dream I'll how, will and his experience as a magical journey? Be as lucky as he put the real regret make up? Will like him when good luck follow carried away by all? Will be. 。 。 。 。 。 ?

of course not! O clock gave me the answer, yes, a new day started again, I am still me, or the ordinary workers, the world didn't change, just from yesterday to today.

don't envy other people's income, because you don't know his hard day and night. Don't envy other people said go go free, you don't know the price for this freedom. Someone keep not envy other people don't have to work more, but don't know how many days and nights in her tears and waiting. Don't believe what this world will be more incredible good luck will come upon you, because this is not a dream, you will never be the charlotte! Don't complain about god unfair to you, not because of the occasional failure and broken broken falls, everything has a price, or because you didn't work hard enough! Whether it is wealth, career, or free. So, don't need to envy, life is not somewhere else, but in how much you will reap many.

come on! We walk on the life road!

more tolerant, more understanding, and give more!

because, have a kind of life, is called happiness!

and have a try! Called on your own!

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