Knowledge of cleaning Rag Doll dog toys

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Cleaning Rag Doll toys knowledge

to wipe the

use the soft sponge or clean dry cloth, dab has diluted neutral detergent to wipe the surface, then wipe with water again. Dry cleaning of

fluffy toys more and more, but not convenient to clean and especially some voice control. Can buy at the pharmacy or chemical store food baking soda, and depth rub on plush toys, until the baking soda is no longer black, plush toys will soon become clean, even young children don't have to worry about with his tongue, because USES the food grade 'laundry detergent'.

doll can use washing machine?

1, a lot of dolls are made of fabrics with maomao, and internal and cotton stuffing.

2, doll washing is not easy to dry, easy to internally generated germs, bad to the body, so the doll easy dry cleaning.

3, doll is too big, in the laundry operation inconvenient, difficult to clean.

4, doll into the washing machine, the doll will deformation as a result, it is best to dry cleaning,
can't hand washing is also quite good, can use warm water to wash, and then with hot air blowing, then put in the sun, be sure to dry thoroughly.

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