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Learn to put down to live in the present dynamic | | plastic

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Came to this world, we in addition to the umbilical cord, doesn't seem to bring anything. And I will quietly leave, after years of you, of course, take not to walk half a piece of cloud, life just a few decades, to work hard, but don't too dispute, because too tired, don't be too persistent in all things, because a lot of things, the more fast erosion is the faster. Learn to put down, learn to live comfortably.

to lay down their hesitation:

immediate action is successful joint quality,

in that direction at a time,

should be fiercely,

in the direction of your ideal, set off!

to lay down their inferiority:

no matter rich and poor, beauty and ugliness,

no matter when and where, please love deeply!

because you'll always be the unique, the best you

to lay down their anxiety:

the life tired and not tired, all depends on your mindset.

settled you now,

don't miss the day of your thought.

put down the lazy:

just keep living prosperous, endure longliness

in the struggle of age don't choose ease,

right time to do what you should do,

don't let the passing of time quietly interest-free!

down complain:

if, give others life wealth, and you just a leftover apple cores,

complain again have what use?

as, under the full time to let it become a fruitful apple tree!

down fear:

no matter encounter any problems

don't comfort myself don't be afraid, to warn myself not afraid!

as a brave and strong is the natural enemy of fear!

put down the gain and loss:

may your situation is not very desirable,

may have buried, or is being ignored,

keep in mind that your efforts are now in the accumulation of

when expecting harvest,

please believe that you will gain in ahead waiting for you.

put down the trouble:

if heart care, everywhere is disturbing,

if heart to relax, everywhere is sunny day.

put negative:

with a half a glass of water, an optimist see is the hope,

but negative people see despair!

no matter tomorrow will fall, but remember you are live for today.

always remember to take a step back, to see the world from a different Angle, you will find another wonderful! Learn to put down, live the present!

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