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National Day long vacation: are you ready for love dandle?

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
( Reading] National Day holiday will come, you are going to take the pet dog and the dog toys foster out himself and his family to travel, or curtilage in the home with love dandle holiday? Supplies or going to pet care, the family is traveling with a pet dog and the dog toys? Below to introduce the net friend's favorite ways, hope you play of happy, you love dandle can properly take care of. Pet dogs and dog toy foster spring in

today, pet dog and the dog toy industry division of labor is more and more detailed, pet dogs and foster started from the pet dog and the dog dog toys in the toy industry division of labor, slowly from the developing trend of recent years, every false date, pet dog and the dog toy foster business will be turned over several times than usual. National Day holiday this year is no exception, as early as a month ago, on the Internet, many owners began to own love dandle due to pet dogs and dog toys foster position. According to the regulation of pet dogs and dog toys foster shop, mainly accept cat canine pets dogs and dog toy is given priority to, reptiles, alternative pet dogs and foster dog toys need to find some special foster care shop. Charge standard: general small dogs RMB 30 ~ 40 yuan per day, for the huge dog $35 to 60 yuan a day, the shopkeeper said, holidays will increase in price, but generally to foster is regular, returning to foster environment is familiar with, to foster the store service is trusted.

and foster shop to foster pet dog dog toy is required, the first is sick dogs and dog toy is a single, every shop rejected one is difficult to take care of sick dogs and dog toys. 2 it is afraid of sick dogs and dog toy disease will spread to other dogs and dog toys, so as to cause trouble. Three is sick dogs and dog toys if died during care, severe cases can lead to legal responsibility. Moreover for pet dogs and dog toys to accept the most basic condition that pet dogs and dog toys must be injected vaccines to foster care. Finally, foster care, it is best to pet the dog and the dog toy bed also moved to foster shop, avoid the pet dogs and dog toys are not used to the new environment conditions such as fear, don't sleep at night.

keep pet family care into new trend

with the development of the network platform, a lot of people by publishing some posts, weibo and so on way to find some pet family to look after their pets dogs and dog toys. The clearer due to raise pet together, the family has established friendship between each other, so give your friends to take care of the dog become the best choice for many. Because with love dogs, the friend of the dog will carefully take care of, is just to give their love dandle find a playmate. An accepted the care of friends introduced to friends. Take care of the dog friend except your dog away only take care of the dog of a friend, due to reduced the number of dogs and easier to take good care of the dog toys. Not only master in search on the net friend to care for love dandle, also has the net friend to ask for help others to take care of the dog and the dog toys. From this holiday come, seeking to raise pet family to take care of their pet dog and the dog toys have become a new trend, not only to strengthen the link between dogs and dog toys, more to enhance the friendship between people. General netizen help to take care of the dog is free, most demands bring their own food and bed.

pet dogs and dog toys experts recommend

in foster care, pet dogs and dog toy expert introduction: before the foster care must look at the surrounding environment. If the store environment is relatively narrow, want to consider, pet dog and the dog toys activity space whether to mix together, easy to cause disease. For pet dogs and dog toys to choose a suitable place after menstruation line of foster care. Foster care to ensure that when his pet dog and dog toy is a healthy, so as to avoid cause health hazard. Finally must good foster agreement signed and stores, for a rainy day.
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