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National Day, pet dogs and dog toys can travel together with us?

by:Zhierde     2020-12-07
( Reading] During the National Day, although some people choose the pet dog and the dog toys or foster care to a friend, but there are still a part of the master want to bring your own pet dog and the dog toys to travel. Let the joy of all the way also can share with a pet dog and the dog toys. Pet dogs and dog toys out to consider above all is the traffic tools, pet dog and the dog toys still is limited by many in transportation. In recent years, with the development of the pet dogs and dog toy industry, the country's pet dog and the dog toys began to revised the bills. By animals can't government cars began at first, the government cars now allow dogs, this is a kind of shift, at the beginning of the life more and more people accept the existence of the pet dog and the dog toys. Below as an introduction to pet the dog and the dog toys go out should pay attention to?

the matters needing attention by plane

with a dog by air should be paid attention to: if the aircraft's cargo compartment is aerobic tank, can for pet dogs and dog toys check, together with its travel. But must be separated from pet dogs and dog toys, master can't take care of a pet dog and the dog toys. Check it need to produce the period of validity of the quarantine certificate, with dedicated aviation boxes to pets dogs and dog toy pack good, should let the dog into feces before taking off. If the body is not good, it can only consider rescheduling. The most important thing is that the dog is not free by plane, rate each airline has a corresponding quotation, according to the different routes, fee standards is different also. The big dog, the dog can't be checked. Hiding in the owners don't have to worry about air temperature, from the actual temperature to environmental conditions such as air conditioning and engine room. Pay special attention to, not every model has aerobic tank, the day before departure, please confirm; Pet dogs and dog toys of the quarantine certificate in chengdu area can this prove that the animal health supervision; As for pet dogs and dogs in the pet toys general aviation packaging with the dog and the dog toy shop sales.

the train note

according to the shipping department staff learned that chengdu railway administration, the train can't be their pet dogs and dog toy, shipper can't deal with formalities. Take common train, if you have any baggage, can the shipping formalities for pet dogs and dog toys. Check in pet dogs and dog toys must meet the following requirements: must have animal epidemic prevention station open disinfection certificate, immune certificate and quarantine permit; Passengers must hold their own identity, and valid tickets for pet dogs and dog toy check, shipping fee according to the distance is different, have different charging standard. A week before departure, you should be more conscious training dogs used to stay in a cage, let he is used to for a long period of time was kept in a cage. Also can be in a cage on the shop some newspaper or soft mat, made him feel comfortable. Pay attention to the way not to feed the dog.

the matters needing attention by car

passenger bus can carry the pet dog and the dog toys, but dogs and dog toys can only be installed and baggage in the trunk, and cannot be brought into the car. Trunk space is narrow, the air circulation, if the journey is long, should not carry that experts suggest.

the boat note

the boat's advantage is that if an appointment, can put the pet dogs and dog toys go with him. On the way, can take care of the dog at any time. But due to the ship's speed is slow, also easy to get seasick, sit up is not so easy. If the dog and the dog toy didn't habit by boat, expert advice to avoid long time by ship. In order to prevent the pet dogs and dog toy seasick, seasick pills should be standby at any time.

self-drive travel note

you must want to let the dog used by car, should be more training dogs usually by car. Bumps in the car for a long time for a dog is not an easy thing. Not used to riding a dog today often arise chaos to wear in the car, on pins and needles, straggling, even the appearance of motion sickness, vomiting. This will prevent you from driving. Driving on the way, can let the family holding the dog, can also be in the back seat of the car with a piece of blanket, he used to let him think it is to make his position. Don't hold the dogs to drive, that was too dangerous. If only you a person in the car, then had to injustice once put him in the back seat of the cage injustice.
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