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New start

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
New beginning hope

plastic a new season had begun. June 18, 2016, the company ushered in kengzi 6 years ago. The contract is 6 years has its renewal began again. New beginning July ushered in the new and old customers large quantities of orders.

there are sen belle chocolate rabbit parents, children, ice cream, babies and animals a series of products. Hong Kong China endowment enterprise piggy bank.

Hong Kong yong crown company big crabs, penguins, gong lung mask, mask godzilla. The Japanese asahi group lanterns, ball, ball, green children etc. Product.

the most let me happy is plastic website today welcomed the company the first order. Oil furnace, assembly, flocking a dragon animal figurines, chickens, sheep, cats, bears, etc. Products. New start for all employees.

plastic from every bit of accumulation to get new and old customers support and love today. Make plastic me more grateful and make their a customer's product, guarantee product quality is our consistent principle, believe that the company will usher in the next peak arrival.

a: plastic animal plush pet toys collection on
a: Alfred little pet dog toy dog container shipment on the rod

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