Outawear For Adventure-loving Pooches

by:Zhierde     2020-07-19
Accessories for dogs usually conjure up images of toy breeds stuffed into pink handbags or bling collars and doggy nail varnish - certainly nothing your average working Labrador or springer spaniel genuinely to be seen as part of. These dogs and their owners may prefer a more adventure-fuelled lifestyle, wading through rivers and exploring forests rather than strutting their perfectly coiffured self about the local high street.
Whilst a series of colour co-ordinated accessories could seem a little over-the-top for such countryside loving dogs and their owners, really are a few some pieces of outawear that can be really handy. Dubbed 'ruffwear' by pet lovers, this type of dogwear is ideal for animals that enjoy swimming, foraging and other muddy persuits. From float jackets to portable food and water bowls, ruffwear covers everything a disconcerting pooch needs. The British weather isn't known for its long balmy evenings so even if your dog resides in a town, a high visibility waterproof jacket or a clip on safety light can be ideal for locating your canine in a busy park, as well as making them more visible to motorists and cyclists should your puppy decide to partake in one more 'off piste' things to do.
Easy on leashes and training toys are also ideal for dogs that they like some action. You do not need to spend ages faffing with a collar and lead when you're in the middle of a field and nor do weight are not healthy fluffy or easily destroyable toys to train your dog with. More outdoor friendly toys include balls, rubber tug toys and retrieval devices - the latter being highly important whether a dog is from a functional background.
So dog accessories are not all about the kitsch and pink, more rugged accessories to improve your dogs walking experience and make him safer are ideal for those that enjoy exploring.
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