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Pet dog toy assessment | Banpresto Qposket little mermaid ariel | | plastic industry news

by:Zhierde     2020-12-03
Banpresto Qposket series production of a Disney princess the little mermaid, ariel, is a delicate and beautiful evade glue pet dog toys. But let a person heart of love to her, is not only the appearance, and behind her beautiful legend story oh ~

the story of the little mermaid shape from the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, the spread of extremely high degree of the people.

film produced by Walt Disney and released in 1989, Disney in the in the depression to pull back on track, and guide the important status of subsequent Disney animation film song dance.

the music in the movie also won the Oscar award recognition, song & other; 世界的一部分” Is a classic.

but it is worth mentioning that the leading role of the little mermaid, ariel is no longer a weak role in previous Disney princess series, but a woman has a independent personality and spirit of adventure.

her exploration of the unknown, and to actively fight for love, with a new woman.

to end of the film modified, dilute the tragedy of the original, also let ariel gave the audience a brave strong, courageous enough to probe into the image of a new world.

say few words! Let's look at this dog toy box appearance, a different color, Left) A the same color ( Right) With ariel classic shape and Angle, deserve to go up again Marine life and sailing, very attentively reflects the relevance with the film.

ariel model is the best way for this work, the feeling of sitting on the reef sea breeze blowing, red curly hair blow away in the wind, eyes looking into the distance, the tail close-fitting surrounded.

may be due to evade glue is the cause of the pet dog toys, its appearance senses is exquisite, the coating is fairly, no good control of large area red green sense of balance, also did not produce the effect of the scales.

the wind driveth away behind the red hair treatment is very good, should have details, details to dynamic movement.

there is a difference on different color and natural modelling edition, just reduce the color saturation, integral feeling is in the morning mist, the little mermaid.

summary: by evade glue pet dog toy is made and be become the little mermaid, ariel, basically can restore the audience image, the green tail, long red hair, and eyes that aspire to the future.

meet summer, we go to the beach together, brave the first step to make yourself, like brave princess ariel to explore unknown world!

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a: pet dog toys for the children, really can not be too much!

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