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Pet dog toy parts is too small, be careful baby swallowed. | | plastic industry news

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
In modern dog toy products, due to the improvement of science and technology, make it more do more fine intelligence, but delicate at the same time also brought a lot of potential safety problems. The more fine pet dog toy tend to have many of the smaller dog toy parts, like a dog toy car wheels, lights, barbie doll accessories like shoes, hats and so on, electric button batteries or machine dog dog toys toy weapons parts, etc. , will be relatively small, the pet dog toy parts are easy to be children of the baby swallowed.

the baby at the age of two or three, can be said to be the strongest curiosity, and this time the children have been able to climb to go and see what things they feel interesting, will climb to the top of his, and the baby's cognitive development driven babies to see what things will be & other; Have a taste & throughout; And went to themselves & other Pack a pack & throughout; 。 So parents should pay more attention.

children swallowed now pet dog toy parts events can say a dime a dozen. The doctor said & other; Children of the trachea and esophagus card cases of foreign body is the most strange, like jelly, stone, COINS and pet dog toys accessories, but harm to the child's largest or pet dog toy parts, such as button battery, pet dog toys keys, etc. ” These things will damage the esophagus mucosa, sometimes may cause rupture of the esophagus perforation, even life threatening.

but avoid children eating dog toys accessories, the best way is to choose according to the age of the child corresponding pet dog toys, general normal pet dog toy manufacturer will be specified on the pet dog toy packaging using age, as long as the parents pay more attention to moderate. And the broken pet dog toys to clean up in time, prevent the pet dog toys are pieces of plastic or pet dog toy parts fell out of the hurt child. Old dog toy is too old also want to clean up in time, because may contain many bacteria and viruses. At the same time when buying a pet dog toys for your child, parents should try to choose the spare parts is less, the greater the pet dog toys, such as the eyes of a plush pet toys, all want to choose a size greater than a child's mouth, even if the children want to have a taste, also not the mouth.

in addition, on the basis of these, the choose and buy pet dog toys, if pet dog toy accessories with a rope, should pay attention to not more than 22 cm in length, choose smooth and no burr, no sharp edges dog toys. This is through these aspects to buy dog toys, coupled with the parents look after children more, basic wouldn't be swallowed a child dog toy parts.

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